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Ulisess: the exploration of Industrial sounds

Updated: Jan 28

I think according to words and not ideas.

This is how Ulisess, a Dark & Industrial Techno producer based in Bogotà, chooses the titles of his songs: through words games and by transforming the sense of words, he finds the best way for truly conveying what he means with his tracks.

What is music for you?

Music to me is everything: I listen to music all the time and in my head it's like a sort of soundtrack of a movie. I approached the music industry more than 10 years ago when I started to play guitar in Industrial, Deathcore and Technical Death Metal bands.

Who or what influences you the most as an artist?

This is very varied: from solo piano melodies to trip-hop and then a lot of metal and electronics. The artists are so many and varied too. Naming some of them would not do justice to everyone I listen to, because each one has a significant role for me, whether emotional or technical.

What were your first projects related to music?

My first steps were an exploration of heavy metal music and electronics, reimagining and analyzing what was already existing to generate a different kind of industrial. This is when I started my first recordings and sets with an industrial band called ION.

How would you describe your songs?

My songs feel like something visceral, abrasive, sharp at times and dark and melancholic at other times - or all the times (laugh).

Through my songs, I want to convey what I literally feel inside - something not so easy to describe because I leave them to a sphere of ambiguity, a freedom of interpretation. I prefer that the listener can find their own way for interpreting my tracks and concepts. To personalize them and make them their own. I believe it is much more interesting!

Do you perform live?

Oh yes, I do some live sets, even though not many. For sure I would like to do many more.

What are the main challenges for you as an artist?

A big challenge is to work independently, it is complex. However, the learning is brutal yet satisfying.

Do you have any upcoming projects or releases?

Not yet, I just released two EPs and I'm currently promoting them: the Sesha Naga EP and the Lustfuckness EP. The latter is a collaboration with a Japanese Horrorcore artist.

What is your biggest dream?

Be at peace with what I have and music helps me in this: I'm definitely living my dream now!


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