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The narrative concept behind Supernova

“All the matter we are made of was built by the stars; all the elements, from hydrogen to uranium, were made in the nuclear reactions that take place in supernovas, that is, these stars much larger than the Sun which at the end of their life explode and scatter in space the result of all the nuclear reactions that took place inside of them. So we are truly children of the stars.”

Margherita Hack

In this article, I want to share with you what the production of my first EP, Supernova, meant to me. What is the meaning of each track? Why this title?

Supernova is based on the metaphor of how human life is similar to the life of a star. Playing with the element of the triad, each track corresponds to a phase:

  1. the star;

  2. the supernova;

  3. the final stage.

Desired, the star

The first track, Desired, is a metaphor for the star, the moment in life when everything goes well and you want to achieve a fixed goal: the desire. However, it is the beginning of a climax of tension, of a spasmodic search with the aim of obtaining what is desired. And it is precisely the climax that will lead to the next and central phase: the supernova.

Chased, the supernova

Chased corresponds to the phase of the supernova, i.e. the explosion. It is a moment characterized by chaos, by the capability of overcoming one's limits, by breaking a previous moment of balance. It is the culmination of pain, suffering and/or dissatisfaction.

Vanished, the black hole or…

Vanished represents the post-explosion moment in which two things can happen:

  • a black hole can be created: the end, the cosmic nothingness that leaves no room for anything else;

  • neutron stars can be created: that is, a stellar corpse, metaphorically a star that exists, but isn't there.

Moving from astrophysics to the metaphor for human life, neutron stars represent a person who continues to move forward, despite past pain or suffering. Life goes on, but the person is no longer the same: they have been marked by what they experienced and will always carry with them the fragments of pain from the past.

The interpretation, up to the listener, can therefore be both positive or negative.

The three tracks are anticipated by a spoken intro, Nova, with the aim of immersing the listener in a spatial atmosphere, preparing them for the sonic journey:

“A bright light.

An explosion.

But then…?

We're all supernovas. What comes next is unknown.

The circle of life.

Of the universe.

What do you desire?”


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