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Snataka: the power of live percussions

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If a path has a heart, it is a path worth traveling.

Snataka is an Afro Melodic & Tech House dj and producer, fascinated by the concept of tribal rhythm and by the power and energy that only music can convey.

Hi Adrian! Tell us something about you :)

My name is Adrian, aka Snataka, and I am Argentinean now living in Germany.

I am, among many other things, a musician. I have been on this path for more than 20 years. Music for me is clarity, it is a break in the middle of so much reality. It is the nourishment that my highest self receives.

As a child I was always surrounded by music, since my grandmother was a pianist and my mother plays the accordion. All that family side showed me everything that music has to offer, on a spiritual and deep level too. So I wanted to know a little more and I leaned towards the percussive, the tribal. That is how I began to play the drums and to understand more the rhythm, the movement that is contained there.

What or who influences you the most as a musician?

I feel that my great influences come from some melodies of bands from the 60s, 70s like The Doors, Pink Floyd or the Sex Pistols as well, but also my adolescence was strongly marked by the Grunge of Nirvana, something from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Later came the Elektro-rock moves of the Chemical Brothers and that's when I started paying attention to electronic music.

I am currently influenced by contemporary artists who have found very original ways to express their art and also by artists who are not in the field of music, as well as by writers or people in my inner circle! They also influence in a very positive way everything I do.

What were your first steps or projects related to music?

My first projects were always in bands. I dedicated a large part of my musical life to touring and getting to know many places and many people. I learned a lot from that time. As for electronic music, it all started in Mexico when with a brother from life we ​​decided to make a project called Anonymous. It was quite a trip! And that definitely introduced me to electronic music.

What do you want to convey with your music?

Thanks to music and playing live I have discovered that there is a kind of energy that only manifests itself when many people dance together, without thinking, just letting go, with love. I want to be that intermediary and recipient of that energy. Nothing more.

What are the main challenges for you as an artist?

My main challenges are always finding the right way to express my art. I have traveled a lot and known many cultures, so I have always had to start from scratch. Maybe those are my challenges: stay spontaneous, not take things for granted, go through life with ears ready to listen and learn from all.

Do you have any upcoming projects or releases?

This year I will travel to Austria for the first time to be part of a Festival. Musical Projects here in Hannover and of course more Festivals in the very nice German summer about to come!

What is your biggest dream?

That the human beings can live in harmony with everything that surrounds them.


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