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ĒSTĒR has worked with artists, photographers, designers and brands in the production of music for specific projects such as videos, podcasts and social media content.

Fashion gives, fashion takes away.

Dreamlike, surreal, at the limits of the unconscious Folie Merveilleuse, exclusively for Kult Online. Filmed and Directed by Arianna Bonucci.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 alle 13.42.31.png

The soundtrack was inspired by the 3 main phases of a volcano eruption: premonitory, explosion, stillness. Abstract sounds created with pads and  risers, distortion and a void: the listener is overwhelmed by the chaotic magmatic rhythm created from sampling the sound of a volcano. 


A podcast series by Banca Ifis, which shares entrepreneurs' stories, corporate culture, territories and virtuous initiatives, promoting financial and social inclusion.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 alle 14.22.06.png

Production of the creative concept and the soundtrack for Enessere, an Italian wind turbine company.

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