Something about me

I believe music is the best way to express yourself and to share your feelings to the whole world.

Through my tracks, I want people to feel something. Anything.

I love experimenting with sounds and I try not to put myself into a specific genre.

Music is too dynamic to fit into a box.

I have been producing electronic music since 2015, using Logic pro and Ableton.

Live dawless performances are what I love the most: I use analogue bass machines, synthesizers and grooveboxes.

I also had the chance to work on some creative projects such as:

  • "Folie Merveilleuse", a video filmed by Arianna Bonucci, a photographer based in Milan;

  • "Fattore I", a podcast series by Banca Ifis;

  • the production of the video as well as the music for a communication campaign for Enessere, a wind turbine company.


When we heard the bassline kick in for the first time on ĒSTĒR’s “Awaken”, we couldn’t help but feel a wave of weirdly enjoyable anxiety. It sounds like a cheap electric bass played through a tiny speaker at max volume—or, in other words, it’s punk-y and live in the best way possible. Coupled with its stop-start song structure, you have a recipe for a sharp-around-the-edges dance floor banger.